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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bedtime battle

Remember the bedtime issue we were having? Well it's started again *sigh*

Jace didn't take a nap for the entire day on Monday (my day off) and then around the early evening he napped until 11pm, which at that point he WOULD NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP. When I say we tried everything to get him back to bed (bath, more food, warm milk, rocking him, turning TV off, reading a book, etc.) we tried EVERYTHING! He wouldn't go back to sleep and cried everytime we would lay him down in his crib. He would stand up, start bouncing up and down and giggling (in an evil mwhahahaha kind of way lol) and yelling dada and baba. Finally around 1am he simmered down and by 2am he was asleep. I went to bed a little after 2am and then woke up at 4am to get ready for work. Then when I got off work Jace was full of energy due to the long nap he took at daycare (I'm convinced that they let him sleep the entire time and ignore my wishes to limit nap time to one hour or less) and he was running around the house playing and once again when it was time for bed he wouldn't go to sleep. He didn't go to bed until after midnight again, I lost track of the time after that. I think we're losing this bedtime battle, and Jace knows it.

I wish it were this easy:

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