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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How we met, Part III

      Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I thought today would be the perfect day to tell the final chapter so far of our love story. If you didn't get a chance to read How we met Part II and How we met Part I make sure you catch up to get the background information :)

   Our first year of marriage was tough. We had a ton of fights, some infidelity, and a miscarriage. We weren't by any means your typical newlyweds having gone through all of that but we somehow managed to work on things and now we are stronger than ever. In February of 2011 we were on month 2 of trying to conceive after our loss. We used preseed and OPKS that month and I tested at 8dpo and got a faint BFP, and then a for sure BFP the next day!! We had our ulstrasound around 6 weeks and that's when we got the heartbreaking news; we were carrying TWINS and one of them wasn't going to make it. Baby A's heartbeat was 170 and Baby B's heartbeat was only 90. I was told that it was very unlikely Baby B would make it and that I would most likely miscarry again. When it came time for my 12 week ultrasound I got the news that I had miscarried the other baby. I never bled or anything but I did have cramps. The doctor told us that everything was absorbed by Baby A and that we had a vanishing twin. We mourned the loss of our baby and prayed hard that Baby A would be okay. I switched doctors and found an amazing place to finish out the rest of my prenatal care. 
   At 32 weeks, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I had peed my pants and went to the bathroom. As I looked in the toilet, there was blood everywhere and I freaked out. We called my OB and she said to go to the Emergency room. Once I got there they ran some tests on me and gave me an ultrasound. I later found out I had a placenta abruption and the baby was in distress. We would have to have a scheduled c-section and hope to keep the baby baking until we reached full term. A few days later while being monitored his condition got worse and he wasn't thriving in the womb (2-3 weeks behind in growth, not getting proper nourishment from the Placenta) so they made the decision to give me an emergency c-section at 32 weeks 5 days. I gave birth our son Jace Martin September 17, 2011 and he weighed 3lb. 50z. 17in.
   Now we have been married for almost 3 years and Jace will be 2 in September, time flies! :*

note: This post was actually written yesterday, hence the good mood I was in when I wrote it.

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