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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Testing, Testing, 123!

I made my first OB appointment! It will be March 4th. at 1pm and I'm getting an ultrasound for dating purposes so I'm very excited! In order to reassure myself I'm going to test a few more times until then to make sure the lines are getting progressively darker. I TOLD A FEW PEOPLE!! We were planning on waiting to tell the world but I just couldn't keep my big mouth closed haha. I told my MIL because I knew she would be happy for us, and my boss walked in on my phone conversation with the doctor's office so she found out! I texted one of my good friends and told her because I was bursting with excitement. I'm not telling anyone else though until well after 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage decreases. I'm starting to realize this pregnancy gig is going to be much harder with a toddler! When I was pregnant with my first child I would sleep, for HOURS and relax when I didn't feel well. Now it's not that easy, I'm very glad my husband has stepped up and washed laundry, vacuumed, helped with baby, etc. he's such a sweetheart! I'm only 4w2d and I feel so so sleepy, just plain exhausted. No matter how long I sleep I don't feel rested that's my only symptom really. I also have a bigger appetite and I've been having mood swings (similar to bad PMS lol). I'm just praying the morning sickness isn't bad this time around it usually hits me around 5/6 weeks. I'll be investing in some preggie pops and seabands when that time comes. Ah, the many joys of pregnancy haha :)
Here's my latest test:


  1. Oh I could have written this post. It is so totally where I am at. I am exactly 4+1 today and I have been so exhausted lately. I just start to crash around 9:30. I can't imagine having a toddler to take care of! I've also been extremely thirsty, which is weird.

    We ALSO started telling some people. Couldn't hold it in. Told my in-laws, because they are visiting right now, and my sister, who lives down the street. Makes it seem SO much more real :)

    I haven't made an appt with an OB yet. I'm agonizing over how to choose the right one.

  2. I'm very thirsty also!! I'm about 4w3d and all the extra fluids I'm consuming is making me pee every 2 seconds lol. I have an amazing husband who has been watching our active toddler while I nap lol :)