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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking Bleak..

So I've been off work for the past two days, hence my absense from the blog. I've tested three times with the same result each time being a BFN. I used a FRER and even morning urine and still negative, not even an evap line to obsess over. I know it's early but as I've stated  9 dpo is a turning point in my cycle when I start to lose hope. I did get a positive with Jace at 8 dpo, why not this time right?

I'm insane, but that's what TTC does after almost a year. It makes you insane lol. Here is my "bfp" at 8dpo with Jace 2/21/2011 (A real squinter huh?)

and then at 9 dpo:

Right now I'm 10dpo and I'm waiting until tomorrow (11dpo) to test again. I won't test until the afternoon time though and best believe my fingers and toes are crossed! That is all!

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