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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pregnant Celebs

It feels like everyone around me is pregnant and I keep hearing news on FB and even on tabloids lol. I get a little jealous when I hear someone is pregnant but these are my favorite preggo celebs:

1. Kim Kardashian (am I the only person who isn't sick of her lol) I'm guessing a little boy is arriving for Kim and Kanye.

2. Kate Middleton (Isn't she adorable?!?!) There has been speculation Kate is carrying twins but I think a singleton little girl is on the way :)

3. Jessica Simpson (LOVE HER STYLE) Jessica has such good fashion sense and I love her little family! I'm going to guess a BOY for Jessica.

4. Shakira, she looks great here! I'm no sure what she's having but she looks good to be so far along I wish I could have taken a pic like this while pregnant but my stretch marks wouldn't allow it lol.

Cycle update: I'm 6 dpo and feeling PMS symptoms along with increased cm, 3 more days until I can test!!

ETA: I dug up one of my last belly pics I think this was 24 weeks, can't wait to be huge again lol :)

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