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Friday, February 22, 2013

First Trimester must haves!


I just started getting a wave of promising symptoms! Here they are:

-increased appetite
-dry mouth/increased thirst
-frequent urination
-random cravings (steak, ground beef)
-mood swings

I'm also feeling rather round :p I'm 4w3d today and it's really starting to sink in. We've told a few more people because I we couldn't keep our mouth shut. I've started going to bed wayyyy earlier than usual (around 9/10pm) and leaving DH and J to fend for themselves lol. All day long I've been so tired! No matter how long I nap, or how many hours of sleep I get at night I feel exhausted the entire day. I'm missing my cup of joe in the mornings! I've started getting the morning sickness (aka all day sickness) but it's really bad in the morning. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I went out drinking the night before haha and enjoyed the night too much. Here's a list of items that I need to survive the first tri:

1. Preggie Pops- you can find these at the pharmacy and they are a total life saver! Helped me out last time with light nausea.

2. Sea bands- these things are AWESOME! I started using these when I was vomiting 1-2 times per day and nauseous all day. These WORK! You can find them at the pharmacy also.

Amazon description:The anti-nausea band gently stimulates the nei-kuan acupoint located between your palm and wrist by placing a constant pressure on that point.

3. Gummy Prenatals, because my nausea has kicked in and I have a hard time swallowing pills :)

4. Belly band- They say you start showing faster with your second child and I already feel super bloated. I'm going to invest in a belly band so I can just unzip my pants and put the belly band over them to hold my pants up.

5. Lots of WATER and SALTINE CRACKERS- I've been so thirsty and nauseous but these items seem to help with the nausea.

To any of my preggo bloggies reading this, I hope you don't have morning sickness, it's no fun. My last resort will be to get a Zofran prescription if it gets bad, which is what I had to do with DS when I couldn't keep anything down. 11 more days until our ultrasound, WOO HOO! I wonder if we'll have twinsies?


  1. I'm 4w2ds. So close together! No nausea for me yet, just extra tired (also going to bed around 9 or 10), extremely thirsty and peeing all of the time.

    Oh, and also TOTALLY missing caffeine.

  2. My nausea is bad some days and better others. The thing that has been constant since finding out (and before my BFP is the fatigue). Seriously missing my morning coffee haha.