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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How we met- Part I

   In case your wondering how I met the hubby here is our love story filled with so much drama there will more than likely be a part III bare with me we're been together almost 6 years and we've been through a lot but I'm glad we're in such a good place now <3

                                                          High School Sweethearts..

   It was the spring of 2006 and I had just moved to another town with my mom and stepdad (I was only 16 years old). I was an only child and pretty lonely but I made friends fast and frequented the local park to meet new people. There was a park around the corner in the nieghborhood that we moved into and the local teens would go to play basketball and socialize. I remember the day I met my husband Jose he was pretty shy and didn't come across agressive to me like the other guys around, which really attracted me to him. It's funny because I curse the day that this happened his brother actually pursued me and it never went any furthur than a hug but it came back to bite me in the ass down the road. Jose and I became friends, and although he let me know that he thought I was attractive and might be interested in me he respected me and never asked me out or anything. I was so young and still focusing on my studies so we lost touch for about a year even though we lived around the corner from each other and would run into each other on the way to school sometimes.
     Fast forward a year later and I meet a new friend named Tammy (name changed for privacy reasons) who worked with me and also knew Jose and his friends. She would talk about them and then it got me wondering how he was doing, it's funny because I had his house phone number memorized from when his brother had given it to me a year ago and I randomly called to say hi to Jose. He answered and was suprised to hear from me but he gave me his cell number and we started hanging out. We would talk for hours on the phone about everything and everyday I looked forward to seeing him in the morning so we could walk to school together. He asked me out August 21, 2007 and I said YES of course I was so excited and head over heels about him. Remember we were 17 and 18 at this time so it was appropriate for him to ask me to "go steady" with him oh lord I sound like my mother shoot me. We went to prom together and graduated high school. I was just so in love and the first year was AMAZING, we spent so much time together and got to know each other.
        August 21, 2008 was our one year anniversay and Jose popped the question over dinner and I said YES of course lol. I picked up my menu and he placed a black box underneath and I gasped and asked him what it was, I opened it and there was a beautiful engagement ring. I was heading off to college that fall and wondered would we make it work having a long distance relationship. Stay tuned for our love saga story part 2 coming soon! :)

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