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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to the two week wait- 2 DPO

This is totally me haha!! I get so crazy during my two week wait! I commence to blowing all my money on hpts, googling every "symptom", and yes, going on to compare my symptoms to others LOL. What would I do without the internet? 

   I'm assuming I ovulated sometime over the past 3 days due to the ewcm, increase in sex drive, and O pains but I'll use today as my official O date to be safe. I'm excited for this cycle because we had the perfect timing for sex (twice a day, day before, day of, and day after O) and I layed on my stomach for 3-5 minutes after to help our chances. I'll update everyday with my symptoms, so far today I don't feel anything besides nauseated which I always feel in the mornings if I don't eat enough.
    I'm a pretty early tester so I'm testing on Valentine's day which would be so special if I could get my BFP that day and share it with DH! I got pregnant this time of year three years ago with Jace, ovulated on Valentine's Day though and got my BFP that cycle. Come on VDAY BFP!!


  1. Awww good luck! The Wait is hell. I think I may be ovulating today (or yesterday). At least I'll be spending the tail end of mine in Mexico. Hopefully that will help.

  2. Thanks JustMe! The wait is hell, I just want to know instanly If I am or not so I can move on lol. Good luck to you as well, I wish I could go on vacation during my 2ww. Have fun :)