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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day disappointment (Vent)

I'm just not feeling the spirit this year and I usually love Valentine's Day. DH couldn't even manage not to be rude to me this morning let alone wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. Even when I said to him that it's Valentine's Day and I told him he didn't even say anything, no Happy V day babe, no have a good day, nothing and I know he probably won't get me anything. I kind of feel really sad about this I could cry. He did this last year also it's just another day to him now :(

My mom offered to babysit so we could go to dinner and she said she was cooking a big dinner at home. She called me up yesterday to tell me that my stepdad suprised her with reservations and her exact words were "why would he do that if he knew I would have Jace" and "aww I thought it was so sweet of him, I wish I could go" then I told her that we would just stay home. She calls me and tells me that she can definitely watch Jace last night because she was upset with him for whatever reason and then calls me again this morning telling me how he bought her lingere and now she feels bad and definitly is going.

Were you able to keep up with all the back and forth? I hardly was. I think she just didn't want to watch him but whatever. I can't take him with us because he wants to explore and walk around and will throw a tantrum if we sit him in a high chair for too long. So all in all my Valentine's Day will suck. I'm just so hurt that my husband didn't do anything out of the ordinary to make me feel special, something as small as kissing me this morning and telling me to have a nice day was all I was looking for. Have a better day than me everyone. 

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