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Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Post!!

  Today was the day I decided to create a blog because I love writing and TTC drives me a little nuts. I figured it would be nice to have a place to get all my thoughts, hopes, frustrations, fears, and anxiety out and hopefully meet some new mommy friends along the way! A little background information about me; I'm an early 20 something married mother of 1 boy and we have been trying for a sibling for him. I gave birth to my son September 17, 2011 at 32w5d due to a placenta abruption and he weighed 3lbs. 5oz. at birth. He didn't have any major health issues and by the grace of god we were able to have him home from the NICU in just 2 short weeks. We have been trying for 4 months now to conceive our second child  and our DS is now 14 months old (we'll call him J for privacy reasons). We have been using OPK's, Preseed, and BD of course! I track my cycles using and I love it so far. I am able to record everything and compare with past cycles and pregnant women so it's a great tool for a chronic ttc obsessed momma. I don't have any health issues besides cysts and fibroids in my uterus and I have a heart shaped titled uterus (awesome right).
   Currently I am 2 DPO and I am doing fairly well with obsessing over every little thing. I did notice my appetite has decreased and I have more energy than usual which is a good thing in my book. J has been sleeping through the night for the past 2 nights so DH and I are counting our lucky stars. I plan to test around 8 DPO because that's when I got my BFP with J so I know it is possible and I won't get my hopes down if it's a BFN because it's still early. My due date will be August 29, 2012 if I get my BFP this time around. I plan to update here very often hopefully it will be with some early pregnancy symptoms! Signing off for now thanks for reading!



  1. Welcome to blogging! I found you off of the forums :)