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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Size me up!

After my miscarriage I weighed in at 166 and now I'm 157ish (bouncing between 155-158). I've been trying to stay focused on losing but I keep making poor eating choices. Today I ate Dunkin Donuts again for breakfast because it's convienent and cheap. I got a bagel with butter and a small iced coffee with 1 cup of  sugar and whole milk. What a bad choice heh? So here I sit almost 60 pounds down 20 months after giving birth to my sweet boy and I still can't reach my goal of 150 pounds. Today I will try and count all my calories and work out. That's all I can do is stick to plan and not get discouraged! I'm more than likely going to set a goal of 140lbs. after I hit goal but I want to see how I feel and look 8 pounds lighter first. My work out regimine is cardio 4 days a week and weights/toning 2-3 days a week. Yesterday I did cardio for 30 minutes and weights/toning for 25 minutes.

Starting weight: 215lbs. 9/2011
currrent weight: 157lbs.
goal weight: 150lbs.

height: 5'6"

size: 8 in womens
        small womens tops
        medium juniors tops
       11 in juniors

former sizes: 14 in womens
                     large womens tops
                    XL junior tops
                    15 in juniors

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keeping busy is easy

We are planning a vacation to DISNEY WORLD  for the end of August and I am very excited about this! This will be our first family vacation and it will be 3 years since we went on vacation. People keep telling me to wait until J is older because he won't remember but we will take lots of pics and he will be very engaged during the moment so thats all we care about. We're planning our vacation for our Anniversary week so it will be nice to celebrate in Florida. I'm also working on remodeling our apartment little by little and I plan on starting with the bathroom first. I want to paint and redecorate everything and I'm still working on keeping my home organized and clutter free which is a challenege with a toddler tornado running around.
   Last night I broke down and started crying about our loss. It hurts it really does, but I'm trying to be grateful for the beautiful 20 month old I have and for his good health. In terms of trying again or having other children I don't think it's in the cards for me right now. I need to find a specialist and I'm terrified of having another miscarriage, or premature birth. In the words of one of my fellow moms in my sons playgroup I will never say never but as of right now I will be looking into birth control for at least the next few years. That makes me sad :(

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whatever happened to Fit Momma and Nugget?

I had a miscarriage April 18, 2013 I thought I was 12 weeks but baby stopped growing sometime after our last ultrasound (8 weeks). We lost our little nugget and I needed a break from the sites I frequented when pregnant. I'm not ready to go into more details or talk about it but we're okay. I'm trying to eat healthy again and fit exercise into my crazy busy schedule.