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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cycle 3- Waiting to O

So I'm now on my third cycle trying for #2. Some things I'll be doing this cycle:

-OPKS (no positive yet)

I decided against SMEP for this cycle although our schedule is very similar. I'm cycle day 10 and waiting to ovulate. Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, BOO! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cycle 3.

Well, AF showed and I'm on to cycle 3 of TTC. Please let this be it! I'm charting/temping using opks and possibly preseed. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 5, 2013

We meet again; 2WW saga

       Welcome to the 2WW where you commence to pee on sticks and analyze HPT's way too early, obsess over if you could be pregnant or not, and potentially lose your mind from the uncertainty of it all!

Well, here I am and I'm actually feeling very positive about this cycle because our timing was great! We followed SMEP and BD every other day starting cycle day 7 and everyday starting cycle day 9 sometimes even twice a day! I usually will only DTD one day after the positive OPK but we're not stopping until 3 DPO! So far I'm not feeling anything (obviously) and I'm hoping for the best! I'm testing early at 8 DPO so stay tuned for some early pee stick pictures! Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Waiting some more

Today is cycle day 16 and I'm still waiting for ovulation confirmation from Fertility Friend. Yesterday I had a very dark OPK which was the closest looking to a positive (test line was way darker than the control) and fertile CM and my temp dipped lower this morning. I'm hoping tomorrow and the next three days I have a temp rise and FF will detect ovulation. I hate TTC sometimes, all the waiting drives me absolutely nuts! TTC after a loss (TTCAL) is even more difficult than I thought but I know when I'm holding a baby none of this will matter anymore. So there you have it folks, I'm still waiting to O, or for confirmation from FF because I don't trust my OPKs. I'm going to guess that yesterday was O day though just from the dull cramps and aches I was feeling. Happy 4th. of July everyone, I'm working on the holiday and making extra money!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Hump" day!

I got my positive OPK yesterday!!

I'm so excited now I have to wait and see what my temps do, the OPK let's me know I will ovulate 12-48 hours after the positive so we shall see. I'm counting today as 1 DPO until my temps tell me otherwise. We DTD yesterday and the 5 days before that so our bases will be covered. We will continue to baby dance until my temps comfirmed I've ovulated. Whoo hoo for ovulation. Happy hump day everyone! LOL

Please cross your fingers this is what is happening inside my body:

Signing off xoxo