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Saturday, December 15, 2012

9dpo and BFN.

So I tested twice today with a cheapie test and they were both BFN. I'm starting to shift from the hopeful/cheerful part of my cycle to the disappointed/depressed part. I feel so dumb for using my FRER's on 7 and 8dpo because now would be the perfect time to test with one. If I don't get my BFP tomorrow (10dpo) I will be pretty sure I'm not pregnant. Then I will wait for AF cry my eyes out and have a margherita. At least I will be able to drink for new years *sigh*


  1. Sweetie, I think you're getting ahead of yourself here. If you google "how soon can I take a pregnancy test" you'll see that most people can't even get a BFP until 13 or 14DPO. Don't count yourself out yet! And definitely don't have a margarita until you know for sure... ;)

  2. I am getting ahead of myself lol I always do that TTC makes me insane. I definitely wont drink until AF comes :)