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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why must people judge?

Today I told my mom the news via phone that I'm pregnant. She didn't take it well (as expected) and I'm ok with that. We may not speak for a few months now but I'm okay with that also. I made a decision 3 years ago when I got married that I was going to live my life for ME and do what makes ME happy. I understand her reasonings behind why she doesn't agree with my decisons. Her reasons are that she doesn't like my husband, she doesn't think we are stable enough for another child yet, and she doesn't like children so it's bad news to her anyway. College isn't for everyone, I went through 3 years of college before I just lost interest in it and looked for work. Ever since I was a little girl my dream was to be a mother and I always wanted children. Once I gave birth to my son I had a whole new perspective on life and I enjoy taking care of my son and being a wife. I hate getting judged because I don't have a degree, I hate getting judged because of my age, and I hate getting judged because we are lower income. We work hard for everything we have and we aren't on any assistance for anything. Why must we always get judged and looked down upon by elders?

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