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Friday, February 15, 2013

Much better day


       Today is a much better day. I'm over the Valentine's Day disappointment. DH bought me a card and some flowers after he saw how my feelings were hurt but at that point the damage was already done. He mistakenly bought me the same exact card as last years (I save his cards that he buys me) and the only difference was last years card he wrote "I love you baby" and this year he didn't write anything. Ah well, maybe I need to stop expecting anything thoughtful  from him for special occasions because he just doesn't get it.
 I tested yesterday, BFN of course and I'm sure AF will rear her ugly head on Monday. I'm considering temping next cycle and might try some soy to help get a stronger O but we'll see. Today is supposed to get up to 50 degrees out so I may take DS for a walk outside or to the park because I've been slacking in the exercise department. Remember the exercise buddy I was supposed to have? Well it never happened. I never had the chance to make it to the gym because DH has been working more hours and we never have a sitter. So it looks like I will need to find other ways besides going to the gym to exercise. I'm sad my walk at home dvd is ruined because Jace decided to scratch all over it  play with it and now it won't work.
   My plans for this weekend are to get some exercise in, monthly chore list, and spending time with DH and Jace. My eating has been awful too (donuts, candy, soda, oh my!) and with summer approaching I really want to reach my goal by April 26th. which is totally attainable. Have you notice a shift in this blog more cursing and such? Oh, I forgot to add I'm one of those potty mouthed moms hope it doesn't bother anyone who reads this, and I LOVE those ECARDS they are fucking hilarious.

TGIF!! I can sleep in all weekend and lay around, enjoy my free time and do nothing SAID NO PARENT EVER. I don't understand how a person can be "tired" when they got more than 6 hours sleep. Seriously people?

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