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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guess who else is Pregnant?

I'm 5w1d today and in less than one week we will get to see our little bean! DH has to work that day and I don't think he can get it off or leave early so I might be going solo with DS or I may beg my MIL to come with me so she can watch DS while I'm getting my ultrasound. It's still feeling somewhat surreal but each day that passes (as I get more hungry and nauseous at the same time) it begins to feel more real.
 In non-related pregnancy news my weekly to do list has been ignored since we got the BFP! I've been so freaking tired, I know I've said this a million times but it's like something I can't describe (lethargic maybe?) No matter how much sleep I get I feel exhausted. I guess that's totally normal for the beginning stages and my body is working hard growing our little bean so I know that's whats causing the fatigue. Today I'm going to work on a few items on my list our house looks like a tornado came through kudos to my son lol. Guess who is else pregs?

FERGIE!! I love her! Her husband is nice on the eyes also :D

anddd I got some maternity pants from Jessica Simpson's line! I had no idea that she had a maternity line I love Jessica Simpson! She has the cutest style that I wish I could wear heels while pregnant but I'm not brave enough.

This was on Valentine's Day look how cute she looks :)

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  1. Glad I'm not the only one ignoring what I am supposed to do. I am totally behind at work because I cannot concentrate on anything. Oops.

    Keep me posted on your ultrasound!