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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rainbow baby?

So yesterday morning (10 days past positive OPK and 8-9 DPO) I tested and thought I saw the faintest line but chalked it up to me having line eye. Line eye is what most hopeful TTC women get when they *so* want to get that BFP that eyes play tricks on you and you think you see something when in reality there's nothing there. So back to testing, I decided to test later in the afternoon and held my pee for 4 hours and tested with another cheapie and there was another faint line, which DH and several internet buddies confirmed. So I tested one more time and there was a for sure super light pink line. What does this mean? I tested AGAIN (yes I'm a POAS addict and proud of it lol) with a blue dye CVS brand that says to test 5 days before your period and it was negative (my period is due in 5 days as of today so I'm super early). So I'm assuming the wondofo cheapies are very sensitive! I'm calling it a BFP for now because I tested again this morning and there was a faint line there yet again! I'm calling my doctor first thing Monday morning to get a blood test and hopefully they will do another beta to check the numbers are rising properly. Well blogger friends, I think my dreams may come true and I may actually get my rainbow baby. Please pray this baby sticks and I can have a happy and healthy 9 months.

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